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Onsite Technology Support
ORIGIN undertakes complete management of IT facilities of customers. This includes setting up of infrastructure, providing day-to-day service and maintenance.
We out source skill based resources which can be staff augmentation or as part of management services.
Short term / long term resources with varied skill sets that ensures minimum effort on candidate sourcing on client's part.
Mobilization of personnel in the specified numbers and their placement at client-identified locations. IT and ITES organizations are reaping the advantages of faster hiring process at a lower cost and also enables you to focus on your key activities like business development and planning.
ORIGIN ITFS provides onsite technology support for various ICT requirements besides custom software, web applications development, E-commerce, Online booking, CRM, ERP, Document management system, Website Designing, Website Revamping, Flash Animation, Graphic Designing, Branding.
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IT Managed Services
RIM, NOC Solutions
Hardware Support (Warranty, AMC, ASC and On Call)
Your organization depends on technology every day to keep your business running smoothly. And if you're like most small to mid-sized companies, you have a diverse mix of technologies and computer issues to support.
Don't spend your valuable time reacting to technology problems! ORIGIN's Managed IT Services are designed to help you manage your day-to-day IT maintenance issues so you can focus on managing your business.
All of ORIGIN's Managed IT Services include remote maintenance from our dedicated managed services team and on-site maintenance from over 500 engineers and technicians throughout the Upper Midwest and nationally. From basic support to a plan that includes all of your hardware and maintenance, you can customize the level of IT service that's right for you! It's simple. It's affordable. And it works.
Contact your ORIGIN ITFS technology advisor for these managed IT services:
Desktop/Server Management
Through remote software tools ORIGIN provides unlimited technical assistance to your computer users and network administrator from our location, providing you with faster response time. We can securely access your desktops and servers to help resolve issues. If an issue cannot be resolved over the phone or remotely, a ORIGIN engineer can be on-site to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.
Help Desk Support
Receive unlimited help desk support from technical experts that can resolve every day computer-related issues. We provide support for any question that relates to your organization's networks, PCs, and application support.
Network Management
Through remote software tools, ORIGIN can proactively monitor your network environment to immediately detect and resolve any potential network problems. We provide:
      Network maintenance and monitoring
      Monitoring of attached network devices
      Availability, event log, backup, and drive space monitoring
      Monthly status reporting
      Anti-virus software management
      Security, file sharing, and user administration
Recurring Business Review (RBR)
ORIGIN's Managed IT Services RBR is a process that provides a collection of information about your network, desktops, servers, storage backup, and disaster recovery systems. We monitor your IT environment to help you efficiently track and manage your network systems and devices. An RBR is conducted semi-annually to help you plan for network improvements and provide you with a detailed executive summary that includes:
      Service call history and monthly activity reports
      Server monitoring and performance reports
      Security update analysis
      Desktop utilization reports
      ORIGIN agreement and contract coverage
The average company invests thousands of dollars on printing, copying, faxing, scanning, and distributing information. The key to creating a productive and managed print environment is working with a partner that can help you develop, plan, service, and support your organization's print strategy. ORIGIN can help you do just that by providing the following professional services:
Managed Print Services
From providing your printers, multifunction devices, and supplies...to tracking toner usage and document output...to supporting your applications, ORIGIN offers a unique approach to managing your print devices and supplies and extending the life span of your assets.
Service and Support
ORIGIN's commitment to creating solid customer partnerships doesn't end with the sale. In fact, that's where it truly begins. To us, service is often what proves the value of your purchase - and we take great pride in the experience and attentive service our technicians provide. You'll benefit from the expertise and commitment of ORIGIN's team of 500 factory-trained service technicians.
Networking/Integration Expertise
Most of the technology you use in your organization today connects to the network - so it's never been more important to work with an experienced networking partner. That's where ORIGIN's expertise begins. We've been providing our customers with effective networked solutions since 1993. So when it comes to integrating your print solution with technologies to make you productive, you can be assured you're working with the best in the field.
Managed Account Program
ORIGIN offers flexible financing options for your unique needs. With ORIGIN's Managed Account Program, all you pay for is the prints produced - we provide the equipment, service and supplies - everything except paper, staples, and network troubleshooting services
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IT Hardware & Software Sales
ORIGIN ITFS is a reseller for major IT hardware and software brands.
ORIGIN ITFS is widely chosen computer hardware retailer, corporate sales among customers for selling thousands of hardware components, at very cost effective rates.
• Desktops, Laptops/Notebooks
• Servers & Storages
• Printers, Multi-function Device ( MFD's )
• Projectors & UPS
• LED & LCD Displays

ORIGIN can provide solutions for Audio Visual System Integration and CCTV Surveillance.

Desktop, Laptop Supply and Support for Govt. Projects
ORIGIN has supplied 2,000 Server/Storage, 56,000 Desktops and 5,000 Laptops, 1,000 Printers to ELCOT for Govt. Schools, Colleges and Govt. Offices/Departments in Tamil Nadu State.
As part of PAN India Service Support, ORIGIN has 70 Service Locations across Tamil Nadu to cater to the need of Corporate and Govt. Departments, Offices and Schools with 200 Certified Engineers.
E governance
e-Governance Projects
Aadhaar – UID : ORIGIN is an empanelled Enrolment Agency who can take up UID and NPR Projects across all States in India. ORIGIN has completed 15 Lakh UID enrolments in few districts of Karnataka as part of the contract with Centre for eGovernance, Govt. of Karnataka.

Farmers ID Card : ORIGIN has completed 1.5 Crores of Chief Minister's Uzhavar Padhukappu Thittam (Farmers Identity Cards) to Revenue/Land Reforms Department in Tamil Nadu as part of the contract with ELCOT.

Desktop, Laptop Supply and Support for Govt. Projects
ORIGIN has supplied 2,000 Server/Storage, 56,000 Desktops and 5,000 Laptops, 1,000 Printers to ELCOT for Govt. Schools, Colleges and Govt. Offices/Departments in Tamil Nadu State.
ORIGIN has Delivered, Installed and Supporting 3,65,000 Laptops to Govt. Schools thru ELCOT as part of Tamil Nadu Students Laptop Distribution Scheme along with Lenovo.
As part of PAN India Service Support, ORIGIN has 70 Service Locations across Tamil Nadu to cater to the need of Corporate and Govt. Departments, Offices and Schools with 200 Certified Engineers.
E governance
Sights and sounds make a statement.
Audio/visual systems can transform your spaces into dynamic branded environments. From the corporate conference room design and auditoriums to retail properties and entertainment venues, we integrate audio/visual systems and components to help you deliver powerful messages and create compelling experiences.

Save Time & Money with the Right Audio/Visual System
Designed well and implemented expertly, audio/visual technologies can save your business time and money—giving your business a competitive edge. For example, digital signage creates opportunities to flexibly educate audiences and sell products, without the cost of printing. Webcasting and videoconferencing enables productive communication throughout your organization, without the time and expense of travel. Time- and cost-saving opportunities like these help drive your business forward, and we bring those possibilities to life.

Harnessing current technology.
Our designers focus on leveraging existing systems to create inventive solutions that meet your industry needs. The imaginative use of established audio/visual technologies in new and unexpected ways is at the center of our way of thinking. In addition to creating tailored solutions, this approach is cost-efficient and enhances the effectiveness of any systems you have already deployed
Surveillance Security Systems
Organizations around the world are realizing how a surveillance solution can protect their employees, customers, facilities, and assets. In addition, video surveillance is providing organizations with a means of liability defense and protection against frivolous claims.
ORIGIN ITFS is proud to provide the most innovative security solutions available today to organizations in the financial, retail, education, and government, and manufacturing industries.
Together we effectively implement video surveillance and business analysis applications to help organizations improve security, loss prevention, risk management, and other operations. ORIGIN has been providing Networks and video surveillance solutions as well as networking solutions. When it comes to implementing a video surveillance solution for your facility, you can be assured ORIGIN has the technical expertise to implement and support your application.

ORIGIN provides the following video surveillance solutions:
Digital and Networked Video Recorders (DVRs/NVRs) - ORIGIN's NVRs and DVRs are scalable recording platforms able to support both IP and analog cameras. They deliver outstanding video compression and storage and are formatted to address different site requirements.
IP Cameras - ORIGIN offers IP cameras including March Networks' award-winning PTZ dome and fixed IP cameras to provide fully compressed H.264 digital video for unmatched image quality in a variety of lighting conditions. They enable organizations to archive higher quality video for longer periods of time while reducing bandwidth and storage costs significantly. Video Management Software - Whether your organization consists of one or many facilities with networked security management, ORIGIN's video management software from March Networks delivers advanced live monitoring, investigation, and surveillance management features across IP and analog environments. The software offers:
     Enterprise-class video and audio recording, storage, retrieval and management
     Support for up to 256 IP and/or analog cameras per server
     Full support for megapixel and standard resolution IP cameras
     Advanced system monitoring, reporting, and maintenance tools
Analytics Software - Networks' analytics software from ORIGIN detects and tracks a wide range of events captured in live video. It alerts organizations to potential threats and provides valuable insight into customer behaviors and other operational activities. Data analytics features complement visual evidence with business intelligence, helping financial and retail organizations reduce shrinkage and fraud and drive ROI.
Managed Video Services - It's never been easier to implement a video surveillance system for your organization with ORIGIN's Managed Video Services. One fixed monthly payment covers your video equipment, maintenance, monitoring, service, software, upgrades, and training - so you know exactly what it costs to maintain, operate, and expand your video surveillance system.
For more information about ORIGIN's video surveillance solutions, connect with your ORIGIN technology advisor at 1800 103 2999 or email us.

Print Solutions
Organizations today need simple and productive ways to manage their business. ORIGIN ITFS offers a unique approach to managing your print devices and supplies and extending the life span of your assets with our Managed Print Services.
From providing your printers, multifunction devices, and supplies...to tracking toner usage and document output...to supporting your applications, we can help manage your print environment through three tiered levels of printer service and support. Our Managed Print Services give you the flexibility to adjust plans as your needs change and to stay current with changing technology. Contact your ORIGIN technology advisor for plan options.
       Complete Print device discovery
       Implement monitoring/management tools
       Conduct on-site survey
       Document locations devices
       Capture meter readings
Management & Monitoring
       Help desk support
       On-site service and support from trained technicians
       On-line access to service call status/history
       Automatic supply ordering and shipment
       Proactive network maintenance
Reporting & Analysis
Detailed summary of:
       Service call history report
       Supplies order report
       Device utilization report
       List of devices and utilization charts
       Average monthly copy/print volume
       Analyze usage, deployment, and overall performance of print environment
Performance Improvements
       Recurring business review every six months
       Printer replacement
       Maximize resources and help plan for future growth
       Make informed decisions on equipment additions
Help Desk Support ORIGIN's knowledgeable help desk representatives are available Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Help desk support includes:
      Printing or scanning software-related issues as it applies to the imagers.
    Changes to your network such as: replaced or upgraded workstations and/or servers, IP address changes, etc. that require reconfiguring your imager(s) on your network for printing.
       New or upgraded end user software.
Printer Replacement If for any reason ORIGIN determines your laser printer becomes unserviceable or the cost of a repair exceeds the value of the device, ORIGIN will replace the printer with a comparable device.
Supply Ordering and Shipment ORIGIN's automatic supply ordering system is designed so you never have to worry about running out of copier/printer supplies again. Email to ORIGIN when toner for your devices is getting low so we can ship them to you automatically as needed.
Recurring Business Review (RBR) ORIGIN's Managed Print Services RBR is a process that provides a proactive collection of information about your copy/print devices through monitoring software and Client Care team. We monitor your copy/print environment and help you efficiently track and manage your device maintenance, toner supplies, and usage patterns. An RBR meeting is conducted to provide you with a detailed executive summary that includes:
       Service call history
       Supply order history
       Device utilization report
       List of devices and utilization charting
       Average monthly copy/print volume by device
       ORIGIN agreement and contract coverage
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IT Infrastructure Solutions
ORIGIN ITFS provides state-of-the-art infrastructure for all types of organizations. The services include
• Integrated Building Management Solutions
• Interior and Workspace Development
• Power and Air-conditioning solutions
• Civil Engineering Services
Emphasizes quality and experience in all of the relevant disciplines . Strategic relationship with suppliers
and contractors, who are the experts in focus area.
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